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The quintessential thing one must learn when distributing leaflets is that there are a number of factors to take in such as context, purpose and target audience. For example, leaflets are often distributed as a means of generating business or to promote specific campaigns i.e. in political debates or in terms of religion etc. Leaflets can also be designed as invitations and can be a unique tool to communicate with your target audience.

The important thing to remember is that leaflets should be eye catching but informative; bright but useful. Pair this with the distributor themself and this can create a rewarding package.

For instance, many people will refuse to accept a leaflet from someone who is clearly apathetic to the cause illustrated on said leaflet. Nor will the general public be happy to accept something with no explanation or care from a dishevelled and glum human being.

It is all about pulling your audience in and this can be done by a range of techniques such as enhancing the assets you have available, a friendly demeanour and for the distributor to be fully learned in what they are promoting,

There are probably infinite ways to generate extra promotion and awareness by the method of distributing leaflets - too much so to go into agonising detail but the crucial points are: an eye for detail and a visionary, unique mind who fully knows and believes in what the promotion entails.

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