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Promotional Bikes
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Our ad-trikes and ad-bikes offer you an
economical and flexible applicable advertising

The ad-bikes are vechicles on three wheels with
an advertising surface 2 (A0 posters) and 2 small
back and front ad slots. The vehicles are varnished
red and black and the posters are enclosed in
silver frames.

Advantages of Promotional
Bikes Advertising
We minimize the costs of your advertising cam-
paign by selecting / targeted advertising campaign
at the Point of Sale. We offer you a campaign to
selectively increase the degree of fame and sale.
Determine the routes and operational areas just
like you wish them. With pleasure our bike drivers will distribute your promotional materials and be fully branded in your company colours and logos.
With our illuminated vechicles you put accents also
in the dark! Include branded or original music and
you will have the best moveable advertising vechicle you will always want. Its that easy: Big Posters, illuminated Ads and Music for maximum exposure!

We always guarantee a smoothly completion from
the early stage of your marketing campaign to the
post production of your marketing plan. Increase
your brand awareness and profits with targeted
direct marketing campaign.

Cost of Campaign
The use of a vechicle costs £149 per day (including
2 x A0 Posters with FREE Artwork and 500 Free Flyers!
As always we recommend to book 3 days campaign for
maximum exposure.

City Center, Shopping Malls, Openings, Cinemas,
Games, Events, Restaurants, Fairs .........With Promo
Bikes you will always be at the Point of Sale!

* 100% Effective and eye-catching
mobile outdoor advertising solution

* Combine Promotional Bikes
with Hand to Hand Distribution

* Lights, Music and Ad Bikes
= GREAT customer awareness.

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