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Leaflet Distribution Aberdeen, Leaflet Distribution Dundee, Leaflet Distribution Scotland, Leaflet Distribution Glasgow, Leaflet Distribution Edinburgh, Door to Door Distribution, Door to Door Delivery, Flyer Distribution, Flyer Delivery sales@lemon-marketing.co.uk
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About Lemon Marketing - Leaflet Distribution Company

Lemon Marketing utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology and regular back checking to ensure that every distribution is the subject of rigorous quality control. We can guarantee that your message has been delivered in the way you want. We like to keep our customers happy, so as an added service, after the delivery we will provide you with a full report of the areas covered.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Scotland

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Leaflet distribution is still the most effective way of marketing. The latest research shows that direct marketing (leaflet distribution) is noticed and used far more times than other forms of media - including TV, emails, radio, magazines and others. Based on the same research from the DMA 90% have noticed the leaflets and 7% have undertaken an action and responded. On the other hand the TV was listed at second position with 65% confirming that they have noticed the ads and only 2% responded to them.

FAQ's (Questions and Answers)

How many days notice do you need to perform a leaflet distribution campaign?
To plan and execute a well organised leaflet distribution campaign we will need at least 5 days notice. For large scale distributions we require at least 10 days prior notice.

Where the leaflets should be delivered to?
You can send the pallet with the leaflets to our nearest warehouse or we can arrange the collection directly from you.

How do I know that my leaflets have been actually distributed?
We perform continues back checking during the distribution of your leaflets and a full distribution report will be supplied after the completion of the drops. We have also integrated a GPS tracking system which shows us the movements of our distribution teams live. We are the only company in Scotland to have non distributing supervisors and their job is to make sure that every single leaflet reached its intended destination.

What are the usual response rates from your drops?
Response rates vary depending of various factors but for large scale purchases or investments the usual rate is between 3-5% and for others (like takeaways or beauty salons) it’s between 7 – 10%.

Solus Leaflet Distribution

Solus Leaflet Distribution means the delivery of your promotion materials (leaflet, flyer, menu, sample or newsletter) alone to your customers doors and mailboxes. The Solus method is the most effective type of leaflet distribution and is considered highly effective and with great ROI impact. By choosing a Solus leaflet distribution servicke we will be able to offer you full leaflet distribution flexibility, meaning you will be able to decide where your promotional materials will be going. During the years we have found out that Solus Leaflet Distribution is the most effective way to penetrate a potential marketing and achive huge brand awareness. Your printed material will be delivered on its own and WILL NOT BE COMPETING for the attention of your customers with anything else. Solus Leaflet Distribution is the most effective way to promote your business or service and is delivering results directly to your customer doors.

Shared Leaflet Distribution

Shared Leaflet Distribution is the cost effective way to promote your marketing material to your customers doors. Your flyer or leaflet will be delivered along with 1 or 2 non competing leaflets directly to the mailboxes of your customers. The Shared leaflet distribution plan is designed to fit around a more flexible way of promoting your business. When you are looking for a low cost way to distribute your leaflets the shared leaflet distribution is the choice for you. Please, give us a call on 0800 433 2217 and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Lemon Marketing can help you to maximise your return on investment with our targeted leaflet distribution services. We can make sure the wastage of your leaflets is minimised and your ROI increase 100% with our local knowledge of Scotland, marketing experience and research and up-to date software. Lemon Marketing can help you reach the right customer at the right place. So, if you a retailer planning a leaflet drop we always advice to get in touch with us so we can create for you a bespoke distribution plan and campaign maps.Our Geoplan mapping system used the latest ACORN socio and demographic mappings and Royal Mail postcode data. This way we can accurately find our which are the best areas for you and target them.

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