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Leaflet Distribution Inverness
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Leaflet Distribution in Inverness
Lemon Marketing aims to provide a Leaflet Distribution Service that remains budget conscious, consistently reliable and effective. Before the distribution we will send you a text message of email confirming the start of the distribution and during the drop the delivery team is supervised by our team leaders. In addition, every team member have a GPS tracker on them showing us a detailed movement on the map. After the completion of the door to door leaflet distribution (Inverness) we will send you a detailed distribution report.

Solus and Shared Leaflet Distribution Services in Inverness
Shared Leaflet Distribution offer ideal way to save money on your direct marketing campaign. You will save money by deciding to share your leaflet drop with someone else marketing materials. In most cases your leaflet will be delivered along with two other non - competitive leaflets in the Inverness area, thus allowing for maximum exposure to your target audience.
The Solus Basis distribution is similar concept to the Shared Leaflet Distribution but with one difference - your leaflet will be deliver on its own. This creates better exposure and customer awareness. If you can afford it we always encourage customers to choose this method (based on previous Leaflet Distributions in Inverness area)

Targeting your Leaflet Distribution in Inverness

Lemon Marketing offers menu and leaflet distribution services in Scotland. We offer full coverage in Inverness area and we guarantee that your leaflets will be delivered to every single door.

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