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Leaflet Distribution - Should Taxi Companies jump on board?

Leaflet distribution is arguably one of the most effective marketing tools for companies and businesses looking to attract more customers and interest in their product or service. Whilst this tends to be an effective tool for mainly advertising locally, it is a fairly cheap form of advertising and can even be combined with other forms of publicity in a targeted and sustained campaign.

Distribution can come in many shapes and forms, from the most basic single page sheet with the basic information and nothing more, to the more extravagant and attractive flyer that is pleasing on the eye for the potential customers.

Should a company decide that a leaflet campaign is the way forward then they should try and get the most out of them, doing as much as they can to try and encourage its target audience to become customers. One way of doing this could be to entice the recipients to engage with the company, perhaps through a competition or prize draw. First of all, this may encourage them to hold onto the leaflet rather than reach for the rubbish bin without so much as a second glance. Failing that, a simple discount code, in this instance offering money off the first time they hire one of the company taxis, may just be enough to entice them to give the firm a chance.

The best way to get the most out of a campaign would be to make it a regular exercise, perhaps seasonal on occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter to give the leaflets a theme, further engaging with the public.

When spending money on anything in business, it is important to make sure money doesn’t get wasted and that the company maximises the potential in the investment because at the end of the day an advertising campaign using leaflets is in itself an investment. The first thing that should be done when considering producing leaflets is to do some research on the best possible distribution company to use. Perhaps some research on companies who have experience in producing leaflets in the industry, in this case taxi companies, would be a wise move.

So what’s the next move? Well simply fill out the form above for some free advice and quotes from companies who have experience and know-how in the taxi industry.

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