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Leaflets as a marketing tool for SME businesses

Why go for leaflet distribution?
Leaflets can be a very effective and economical way of advertising to a large target group. Such advertising can significantly enhance brand awareness, but can also be used to promote special offers such as 10% off or buy one get one free depending on what you’re marketing. This makes the leaflets much more likely to be used and not just disregarded. Leaflets can be designed to suit any budget and still contain strong messages with good visual impact and be handed or posted to thousands of potential customers.

Leaflet distribution can go wrong:
As with all marketing it is paramount to do the necessary research before your campaign begins, else you risk your hard work and investment having little or no impact. You need to carefully consider who the intended recipient of your information is and ensure the distributor you choose can reach your target market. Otherwise it could be like giving money off booze vouchers to children.
Problems such as these can be minimized by picking the right distributor for your company. They should be considering, with you, your target market and how they will effectively reach them to maximise your campaign, but also, help in assessing how the campaign is going.

Are there bad companies for leaflet distribution?
It is important for the success of your campaign to ensure you select the right distribution company for you. Check that they are reputable and have and can deliver what they set out to. If you are a large organisation looking for a leaflet or brochure to be delivered across a large highly populated area, it’s unlikely you’ll find the answer to your needs pinned up on a board at the local corner shop. You need a way to track that your information is being delivered and not dumped and within an agreed timeline, remember the people delivering for you for a short while will be representing your company. Make sure you select the right company for your needs.
Remember leaflet distribution can be adapted to suit any business, you just need to ensure its design and content are suitable for your needs, whether its money off vouchers for the hairdressers or information about the latest laser eye surgery offer. Even the largest multinational companies in the world use leaflets as an effective form of advertising, so it can help you, whatever the size of your company, or budget.

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