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The task faced on a daily basis by the leaflet distributor is an arduous one. It takes just a moment for a single leaflet to drop through your letterbox; however the person delivering them will spend on average six hours delivering 900 leaflets, and up to a week distributing 4500 leaflets.Distributing leaflets for a living is no task for the faint hearted, with obstacles ranging from dangerous dogs to hostile homeowners....

Find out how to avoid the 5 most common leaflet distribution mistakes.
If you are using leaflet distribution to advertise your business, find out how you can avoid the most common errors attached to this marketing technique. 1. Do not hand out your leaflets on the same day as the local newspapers are distributed: If you are paying to get your leaflets distributed on the same day as the free....

Solus Distribution
Solus Distribution is the delivery of a single leaflet, without any additional material. This method of distribution is designed to capture the recipient’s full attention, and eliminates the threat of potential distractions through competing advertisements. Solus Distribution also allows the supplier to target a specific market of recipients in line with the contents of the leaflet.
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