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Leaflet distribution is a form of direct marketing in which leaflets are delivered directly to potential customers. Used by around 80% of the best businesses in Britain it is an extremely popular method of getting information out to your potential customers. It’s so efficient it’s even chosen by many government bodies as a great method for getting their information to the public. It normally starts when a client employs a specialist company to organise the distribution...

Lemon Marketing is a Leaflet Distribution company and we are one of the largest independently owned companies of its kind in the UK.

At Lemon Marketing, we ensure:

• Trained staff will answer your telephone calls swiftly and efficiently... More....

Leaflet distribution is now considered to be one of the most effective methods of promoting a business, and leaflet delivery companies are widely used by a variety of organisations, including small and large businesses, government departments, local councils and political parties. Door Drop Marketing has grown steadily since 1994, is used by 80% of the UK’s top advertising agencies and the market in the UK is now worth 1 billion (Source Direct Marketing Association)....
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