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It can be extremely effective to advertise through the use of letterbox distribution, no matter the size of your business. Lemon Print & Leaflet Distribution takes the advertisement of all businesses seriously and can accurately target the necessary potential customers for any type of business.

As your business grows, your advertising budget will, most likely, grow with it which will hopefully allow us to become even more involved with your business. Please get in contact with us at any point you may wish to discuss our input in your business.

The biggest compliment we can receive from you is a referral and we will do our best to earn it.

Leaflet Distribution Time Frame & Particulars Flyers are to be logged by Wednesday prior to make our standard delivery weeks. Our distribution is weekend to weekend. Our general printing turnaround is 3 to 5 days but we often finish print jobs in less time.

Get the Most Out Of Your Advertising Pound It has been found that it usually takes a minimum of 5 times for someone to notice your advertisement, therefore we want to work with you on a continuous basis to make sure that you get the best exposure possible and stay in the public domain.

We recommend that you combine this with other localised advertising to reach as many people as possible through a variety of media channels. We also suggest that you keep a pile of flyers with you so that you can take advantage of any public bulletin board you may see.


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