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5 Proven Ways to Distribute Brochures and Flyers

One of best ways to promote your business is through the distribution of brochures and flyers. In order for this method of promotion to be effective, you need to access a large audience without breaking the bank; in this article, we outline some of the most effective ways to distribute your brochures and flyers to both current and potential clients.

1. Direct Mail
One method of brochure and flyer distribution is through direct mail. Direct mail outs allow you to target a specific age group, broaden the target population, and distribute on a large scale whilst remaining cost-effective. Direct mail can either be suited to an existing customer base in order to inform them of new products and offers, or they can be designed to attract an entirely new client range.

2. Hand Distribution
Brochures and flyers can also be distributed by hand. Some hand distribution campaigns involve door to door delivery, and are often used alongside sales campaigns consisting of staff giving verbal messages and responding to customer queries in public places (such as in shopping centres).

3. Newspapers and Publications
Brochures and flyers are often distributed via newspapers, magazines, and similar publications. Due to the publication’s circulation rate, promotion of your business is guaranteed. This method of distribution is particularly effective when the brochure or flyer is specific to the publication type, such as a topical product or service flyers being distributed in an industry magazine.

4. Digital Versions
Although physical distribution ensures brochures and flyers are received, current technology means that a digital version of such promotional material is vital. Digital flyers and brochures may lack the initial impact that hard copies have, but they are cost effective due to being accessible to almost an infinite number of users. Digital flyers and brochures can be used alongside other promotional materials, or combined with social media, to allow introduction of new products to users. Businesses can also utilised QR codes and PURLs to direct customers to digital brochures. Similar to hard copies, a high standard of graphic design is important for ensuring that your digital brochures and flyers are aesthetically pleasing. For best results, you may want to consider using professional services for your local area on your brochures and flyers.

5. Display Premises and Public Places
Brochures and flyers can be displayed in a variety places; at your premises, in reception and any other waiting areas. Public areas and other business’ premises where potential customers may be are perfect for displaying printed materials. Finding a business similar to yours that will agree to display your brochures is ideal; however you should ensure they do not offer identical services or goods to your own.

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