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Leaflet company Ireland.

Lemon Marketing is a nationally operative leaflet promotions company. We seek to serve our customers in the most cost-worthy and direct manner. Using a mosaic targeting system, Lemon Marketing targets potential customers through geographic or demographic means. This in turn reduces costs and maximises chances of reaching a desired outcome within your business or advertisement.

Lemon Marketing offers a variety of options when it comes to distribution. Using a controlled and supervised team, door-to-door staff will carry out a direct and thorough process, ensuring that each leaflet or flyer reaches the correct destination. Before considering using a widespread generalised process through ‘Unaddressed distribution’, please consider the massive benefits of our company and targeting system.

It must be mentioned that Lemon Marketing is actually the only company to employ full-time leaflet distributors. It is within our ethos to represent and present total dedication to our customers. Through our services you would experience the use of fully trained, experienced workers who can be used to distribute in a number of ways.

As our customer you are able to specify what days you would like distribution to be carried out, this obviously can correspond to peak times in your chosen places of distribution. We also give you the chance to dress our staff accordingly, giving you the chance to optimise your campaign. Our staff can operate within different areas, for example, busy road junctions or peak times on high-streets. Through these services, your sales message is being advertised directly to potential customers. From even just investing in promoters, brand and product awareness becomes increased instantly.

This type of service is the perfect way to compliment and enhance either Television or Radio advertisements. What ever it is you are looking for, be that leaflets, flyers, newspapers or samples, distributed to either businesses or homes please call Lemon Marketing for quotation.


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