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Targeted Marketing

Exclusive to Lemon Marketing, Mosaic Targeting and Micro Marketer are said to be the commonly used and known tools within marketing. Whether a large or small establishment both UK and Scotland based companies use the said marketing tools to support them in producing targeted door drops dependent on client offering and target. Aside from this the current position enables us to target right down to street level choosing from 40 (forty) Mosaic consumer types.

As a supplement lifestyle attributes can be added to every Scottish street and leaflets can be distributed based on target audience, in and around are marked distributions zones/areas. Leaflet distribution is a proven method of targeting that is both cost effective whilst ensuring that your chosen message is direct, and being placed into the hands of consumers at a cost which is minor per 1,000.

Such methods are paramount in reducing the cost of large print runs as you are focusing solely on selected addresses and delivering only to core audiences. More importantly than this, this method allows for the client to invest money creatively, making the items in which they are delivering suit its purpose. Items are delivered to homes by employed distribution teams within a time scale, to your designated preferred house type.

As a result companies wishing to randomly sample are said to be well suited for this service as areas where there possible target audiences live are covered.

• Customers can be identified and targeted.
• Eco-friendly approach
• Overall costs are reduced

From leaflets to flyers if you are looking to distribute to homes or businesses within Scotland being both controlled and targeting key audiences then do not hesitate in calling Lemon Marketing for a quote.


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